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Zweihanders are a golden era special melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

On battlefields unsuitable for heavy cavalry, the infantry are spearheaded by dismounted knights armed with two-handed greatswords. These "zweihanders" are amongst the most skilled fighters the Order can muster, and specialise in disrupting enemy infantry by inflicting a great deal of damage in a short burst of aggression, opening up the enemy battle line and allowing the supporting troops to exploit the chaos.

Acquisition[ | ]

Zweihanders can be unlocked via the Season XVII: Knightfall seasonal challenges. As the season's golden era unit, Zweihanders require the Kriegsbruders to be unlocked (i.e. 3rd stage of the Kriegsbruders seasonal challenges completed) before progress can be made on their seasonal challenges.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Perseverance] Continuous attacks cannot be interrupted by any control effects except Disrupt.
▲ [Repulse] The unit can repel infantry units and reduce a target's slashing defence by 100 points while causing continual damage. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
▲ [Fire-Resistant] This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
The unit spreads out a little to lessen the damage from ranged attacks.
Zweihanders Column
A narrow formation effective for charging under enemy fire.

Unit Orders[ | ]

Prepared Stance

Cooldown: 12s


While in Prepared Stance, 2% maximum health will be restored every second. Once health is full, maximum health and slashing damage will be increased by 30% for 7 seconds when the next skill is used.

Knight's Defence

Cooldown: N/A


The unit blocks enemy attacks and slashes with their sword. Grants immunity to control effects while attacking.

Knight's Gambit

Cooldown: 25s


The unit strikes at the enemy 5 times and is immune to control effects while this skill is active.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Zweihanders do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

Doctrines[ | ]

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

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