Conqueror's Blade Wiki

A vault is a reward which can be triggered after a game. The reward screen appears after:

  • each victory of a Rebel Camp
  • after any battle under unknown (prob. random) conditions

It is required to use a Vault Key to open a vault.

Vault Keys can be obtained by premium passes or rarely found in chests. They can also be found inside vaults.

Screenshot Vault

There is a limit of 15 Vaults per week you can open.

The following items can be obtained by opening a vault:

Item Propability
Silver Silver ( 2000-4000) 100%
File:Bag of Silver Coins.png Bag of Silver Coins <30%
File:Requisition Order.png Requisition Order < 100%
Small Bag of Coins Small Bag of Coins < 100%
Paint & Lacquer Paint & Lacquer <25%
File:Battle Relic.png Battle Relic <50%
Steel Plates Steel Plates <25%
Wire & Thread Wire & Thread <25%
Steel Bars Steel Bars <25%
Speaking-Trumpet Speaking-Trumpet <10%
Metal Ring Metal Ring <25%

Propabilities are out of a test set of 10.