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Symmachean Stalwarts are a heroic era tower shield melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

Stalwarts are the spear infantry of the Symmachean Brotherhood, drawn from the veteran ranks of Spear Sergeants. As men of common birth they have few opportunities for advancement, but the riches promised by king John of Empyros proved a powerful motivation. Stalwarts pride themselves on standing up to any amount of hardship, being even more dangerous on the offense than in their normal role as shieldwall/blocking troops.

Acquisition[ | ]

Symmachean Stalwarts can be unlocked via the Season V: Legacy of Fire seasonal challenges. As one of the season's heroic era units, Symmachean Stalwarts require the Zykalian Militia to be unlocked (i.e. stage 2 of the Zykalian Militia seasonal challenges completed) before progress can be made on their seasonal challenges.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Symmachean Brotherhood] Symmachean troops are slower, but better protected, than their Heraldic brothers.
▲ [Bulwark of Faith] This unit takes less damage from attacks coming from the front.
▲ [Living Martyr] Utterly unafraid of death, this unit takes reduced damage when advancing on the enemy.
▲ [Fire-Resistant] This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.
▼ [Weak Spot] These elite soldiers have but one weak spot: their backs. They take 10% more damage from rear attacks.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
Shield Wall
The shield wall is a tightly packed formation intended to defend in one direction.
Soldiers stand in a tight defensive position, using their shields to protect the front, flanks, and top.
The unit forms a ring to defend anything in the centre.

Unit Orders[ | ]


Cooldown: 3s


Ideal for stopping a cavalry charge. The unit plants their polearms and stands firm, reducing damage taken by 12% and dealing high damage to charging cavalry and infantry. If an enemy attack is blocked by this skill, 7% of the unit's maximum health will be restored over 2 seconds.


Cooldown: 40s


The unit forms a sturdy block and advances. Damage from the front and sides is greatly reduced.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Symmachean Stalwarts do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

Doctrines[ | ]

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

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