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Most skills add the "Hard-Hitting" effect, increasing armour penetration by 2% and decreasing damage taken by 2%. Stackable up to 10 times.
~ In-game Description for the Spear

Spear is a weapon class in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

The spear is a polearm ubiquitous to warfare throughout the ages. In Conqueror's Blade, spear users have excellent mounted attack capabilities and the ability to deal great burst damage to enemy heroes. However, they have little ability to inflict control effects and are severely weakened without access to mounts.

Acquisition[ | ]

The spear can be unlocked in the skills page of the Character tab (default key P, top right) for 5 skill points upon reaching level 15. Once unlocked, the level 1 versions of all spear skills will become available and can then be upgraded further for more skill points. Spear weapon skills can be used simply by equipping any spear, but like all weapons only 4 skills including up to 1 paragon (yellow-coloured) skill can be used at a time, customizable through the skills page.

Spears are classed for medium armour. This means that spear users can wear any mix of light and medium armour and still be allowed to use a spear. However, it is recommended for players to use the heaviest armour they can equip for the additional defenses.

Class Skills[ | ]

Hurricane's Edge[ | ]

Gungnir's Gift[ | ]

Lugh's March[ | ]

Overhead Strike[ | ]

Procris's Gift[ | ]

Return of Jangar[ | ]

Dragon's Roar[ | ]

Heaven's Fury[ | ]

Tips[ | ]