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Smuggler Ingame

The Smuggler is an NPC in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Inside all fiefs except villages, the Smuggler can be found selling certain items in exchange for silver. Note that except the Scroll of Renewal, items in the Smuggler's shop can be obtained or purchased through other (cheaper) means, and so players should attempt to exhaust other sources before going to the Smuggler for most goods.

Items[ | ]

The limited items in the Smuggler's inventory refresh upon the weekly reset. Note that the store is the same across every Smuggler in the world; if a player buys a limited item from a Smuggler in one fief, all Smugglers will have the same remaining limited stock.

Item Cost (silver) Limit
Scroll of Renewal 15,000 2
Personal Storage Expansion 200,000 Unlimited
Logistics Charter 150,000 Unlimited
Steel Ingot 100 Unlimited
Roll of Leather 100 Unlimited
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