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Common Western Signaculum
Signacula are badges that identify a soldier and which unit he served in, and are sometimes found on ancient battlefields. They can be used to reduce the amount of Honour required to unlock this unit.
~ In-game Description for Signacula

A Signaculum is an item used to partially or fully defray the honour cost of unlocking a unit from the Unit Tree.

Overview[ | ]

Most units unlockable via the unit tree (excluding Shenji Grenadiers and Pavise Crossbowmen) have a corresponding signaculum (e.g. Ironcap Spearmen have the Ironcap Spearman's Signaculum). If a unit is not unlocked, a single signaculum can be used to defray 5% of its cost in honour. If the unit's entire cost is paid for using 20 signacula, then it will be unlocked as if the player had paid the entire honour cost for that unit. The only other purpose of signacula is to be salvaged into varying amounts of the Blank Signaculum.

Acquisition[ | ]

Non-legendary signacula can be obtained via using a Battle Relic at the Frontier Fort excavation site. Signacula can also be exchanged for using Blank Signaculum, and the Wages of War seasonal challenges (from Season IV: Blood of the Empire) will grant the Gift From Anadolou and the Warlord's Wealth boxes, which grant 20 rare and epic signacula for a unit of choice respectively. On occasion, certain time limited events will also give signacula.

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