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In Conqueror's Blade, the content release cycle comes to players in the form of seasons. Seasons denote periods of time in which new units, events, and territory wars are released.

Campaigns[ | ]

Each season has a start and end date. Seasons are further subdivided into campaign stages, each of which place different restrictions on the usage of units in siege battles, field battles, the open world, and bandit raids, as well as the regions that can be attacked during territory wars.

Phase Effects In-game Description
Opening Moves
  • Only silver era and lower units are deployable
  • Armour set bonuses are inactive
  • Crafted equipment bonuses are inactive
  • Only 2 regions can be attacked in Territory Wars
  • Regional capitals cannot be attacked
  • A new generation of noble warriors will rise on the field of battle.
    Eve of the Storm
  • Only heroic era and lower units are deployable
  • Crafted equipment bonuses are inactive
  • Chaos spreads as the ambitious expand their territories.
    All is Chaos
  • Regional capitals cannot be attacked
  • The conqueror believes that everything under the hooves of their horse is theirs.
    Usurp the Thrones
  • The main regional capital cannot be attacked
  • Through endless conflict, kings are born.
    Imperial Dawn
  • No restrictions
  • A true conqueror is never satisfied, but aspires to build an empire.
    The Dust Settles
  • End of Territory Wars
  • End of ranked battles
  • Seasonal settlement & ranked rewards are given
  • The seasonal phases are given in chronological order in the above table.

    Seasonal Units[ | ]

    At the beginning of each season, 3 seasonal units are released - one for each of the silver, heroic, and golden eras. Unlocking these units requires the completion of their associated seasonal challenges. Excepting the silver era unit, every units' seasonal challenges are locked until the unit of the preceding era is unlocked. Otherwise, players can complete seasonal challenges for multiple units of the same season simultaneously, but they can only complete challenges for a single season at a time.

    Note that there is an additional time delay before players can begin completing the seasonal challenges of the current season's units:

    • The silver era unit's seasonal challenges can be accessed at the beginning of the season, once the phase Opening Moves begins.
    • The heroic era unit's seasonal challenges are accessible at the beginning of the phase Eve of the Storm.
    • The golden era unit's seasonal challenges are accessible at the beginning of the phase All is Chaos.

    The seasonal challenges for any units from before the current season do not have any such restrictions. For past seasons with more than 3 units, only a single unit of a preceding era is required to be unlocked before a player can begin completion for units of the next era.

    The current season's seasonal units will all have a -10 leadership discount and a 50% bronze kit discount, which expires upon the beginning of the next season. Additionally, the current season's golden era unit will have a stage in their unit challenges that grants a Doctrine Spirit and 200 Unit Medals. Note that this reward permanently changes to 200 Unit Medals upon the beginning of the next season.

    Seasonal Level[ | ]

    A player's seasonal level is equal to the number of player levels they have gained during the current season plus 1, i.e. every player starts at seasonal level 1 and gains a seasonal level every time they gain a player level up. The seasonal level is visible as a banner next to the player's name in most displays, and a player can additionally view their own seasonal level either in their profile page (default key P) or the Seasonal Runes page under the Season page (default key F5).

    Seasonal Runes[ | ]

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    Battle Pass[ | ]

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    Seasonal Store[ | ]

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