Conqueror's Blade Wiki

A list of all existing resources used for crafting.

Data is incomplete and based on Maoyang.

Resource, Exotic Name Type Rarity Category Volume Regional Exotic
Rough Cotton Cotton Common Resource 2
Coarse Cotton Cotton Uncommon Resource 2
Long Cotton Cotton Rare Resource 2
Fine Cotton Cotton Epic Resource 2
Siderite Ore Iron Ore Common Resource 5
Magnetite Iron Ore Uncommon Resource 5
Limonite Iron Ore Rare Resource 5
Haematite Iron Ore Epic Resource 5
Chalcopyrite Copper Ore Common Resource 5
Chalcocite Copper Ore Uncommon Resource 5
Digenite Copper Ore Rare Resource 5
Cuprite Copper Ore Epic Resource 5
Pigskin Hides Common Resource 4
Sheepskin Hides Uncommon Resource 4
Goat Hide Hides Rare Resource 4
Cow Hide Hides Epic Resource 4
Pine Timber Timber Common Resource 2
Ash Timber Timber Uncommon Resource
Oak Timber Timber Rare Resource
Cedar Timber Timber Epic Resource
Sandstone Stone Common Resource 2
Limestone Stone Uncommon Resource
Marble Stone Rare Resource
Granite Stone Epic Resource
Furs Hides Uncommon Exotic
Mountain Cotton Cotton Epic Exotic
Black Magnanese Iron Ore Uncommon Exotic
Tungsten Iron Ore Rare Exotic
Mountain Bauxite Iron Ore Epic Exotic
Coal Stone Uncommon Exotic
Mountain Phospohorus Copper Ore Epic Regional Exotic Borderlands
Alum Copper Ore Uncommon Exotic
Mountain Wolf Fur Hides Epic Regional Exotic Borderlands
Nitre Stone Uncommon Exotic
Linseed Oil Timber Uncommon Exotic
Larch Timber Rare Regional Exotic Maoyang
Flax Cotton Uncommon Exotic
Calamine Copper Ore Uncommon Exotic
Tin Iron Ore Uncommon Exotic
Shellac Timber Uncommon Exotic
Sinews Hides Uncommon Exotic
Food Food Common Food 1
Jennet Mounts Epic Mounts 1000
Bard Mounts Uncommon Mounts 1000
Courser Mounts Rare Mounts 1000
Musk Hides Epic Trasures 50
Garnet Iron Ore Epic Trasures 50
Amber Wood Epic Trasures 50
Silk Cotton Epic Trasures 50
Moonstone Stone Epic Trasures 50
Turqoise Copper Ore Epic Trasures 50