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A rebel warband on the open world.

Rebels are PvE enemy encounters which can be found in the open world.

Overview[ | ]

In the open world, rebel warbands will frequently spawn and wander aimlessly until confronted by a player. When battling against rebels, players must defeat a large number of AI-controlled troops which will be frequently reinforced by fresh waves of enemy units and heroes, with a small number of AI-controlled allied units to help assist in the fight. Players can earn various trophies, unit kit, and a small amount of hero equipment and hero crafting materials.

Mechanics[ | ]

Open World[ | ]


A rebel warband in battle with players.

Rebel warbands frequently spawn throughout the open world. Rebels will aimlessly wander the open world and will not respond to player behaviour unless attacked by players via left-clicking on them. Once a player attempts to attack a rebel warband, they will be given the option to fight or flee. If they flee, the rebel warband will vanish and the player will be allowed to move as usual. If the player otherwise chooses to fight, they will be loaded into the battle map where the fight against the rebels takes place. In the open world, the rebel warband will stop moving and go into a fighting animation to signify that a battle is taking place. Up to 5 players can join a battle against rebels. Players joining a battle in progress will not have the option to flee. All players in combat with rebels will be placed on the same team.

Rebels will never attempt to attack players; players can even move through rebel warbands without suffering any consequences. All rebels are labelled as 'Difficulty: Hard'. This is a holdover from when there were multiple rebel difficulties, and currently there are no rebels of any other difficulties.

Gameplay[ | ]

Basic Mechanics[ | ]

Upon the start of the battle, players will have 9 minutes to defeat the rebels. A large number of marked and unmarked enemy rebels will spawn approximately 5 seconds after the battle begins. The players will start opposite the rebels with 2 allied supply points, spawning on the supply point on the right (facing the rebels). Players must destroy or rout all marked enemies to win the battle. The rebels will be victorious if the timer runs down or if the rebels capture a supply point. Players will also be kicked out if their hero dies or they manually retreat. If a player leaves by any means except by winning the battle, they will lose 3% of their units as wounded and are also inflicted with the Wounded debuff, which will prevent them from joining territory wars or open world fights versus other players for 2 minutes. Players with the Wounded debuff can still continue to fight against rebel warbands, including the rebel warband they were just fighting if applicable.

Rebel Unit Composition[ | ]

The unit composition and numbers of the rebels are randomly drawn from one of multiple different presets, as follows:

Unit Composition Reinforcement Wave Units
Tseregs & Zykalian Militia Tseregs
Halberdier Sergeants, Prefecture Archers & Imperial Spear Guards Prefecture Archers & Imperial Spear Guards
Tseregs & Claymores Claymores
Fortebraccio Pikemen & Halberdier Sergeants Halberdier Sergeants
Axe Raiders & Berserkers Berserkers

The initial rebel army will always be accompanied by a marked Poleaxe wielding hero, called the Rebel Fighter. This hero uses the skills The Old Billhook, Halberdier's Thrust, Grim Harvest, and Lochaber Strike.

Rebel units are renamed versions of the above. For example, the rebel Imperial Spear Guard equivalent is called the 'Tower Shield Elite'.

The initial rebel army will stand still at their positions until allied troops come nearby, at which they will move to confront them. They will return to their positions if there are no troops nearby.

Reinforcements[ | ]

Both rebels and players will receive reinforcements at regular intervals, signaled by a horn sound effect. Starting at 12 seconds into the fight and in regular intervals of 24 seconds thereafter, rebel reinforcements will spawn behind the right flank of the rebel army, and 2 allied units will spawn, each next to either supply point. The number of enemy units spawned is equal to the number of players present in the fight. For example, if only 1 player is in battle, then only 1 rebel unit will spawn. If 2 players then join, then subsequent reinforcement waves will spawn 3 rebel units each. The number of allied reinforcements stays the same regardless of the number of players in battle. The first rebel reinforcement wave and every third wave thereafter will also be accompanied by an enemy Shortsword & Shield wielding hero, either called the Rebel Mercenary or Rebel Sergeant depending on the enemy unit composition. Rebel reinforcements will never be marked and hence are not required to be destroyed in order to win the battle.

Rebel reinforcements will attempt to walk forwards to the right supply point (facing the rebels), fighting allies along the way, although they will move off course to fight nearby allies. Allied reinforcements will attempt to walk towards their respective enemy flanks, fighting enemies along the way.

Rewards[ | ]

Upon emerging victorious, players will be rewarded with a random selection of the following resources:

  • Food
  • Common to Elite Rebel Cavalry Kit
  • Common to Elite Rebel Melee Kit
  • Common to Elite Rebel Ranged Kit
  • Unit Kit

Players will also possibly receive a small selection of hero crafting materials as well as a small amount of Hero XP, Unit XP, and honour. Players do not receive Glory from battles against rebels.

Players can receive rewards up to 10 times a week, which resets upon the weekly reset.

Tips[ | ]

  • Most rebel unit compositions can be dealt with using an Archer unit with the Arrow Rain ability. Prefecture Archers are an easily available unit to do this. It's also possible to complete most encounters much quicker using units with high sustained damage such as Onna-musha, Halberdiers, or Men-at-Arms.
  • Players who accidentally attempt to join a battle in progress can prevent entering by exiting the game.
  • Players should attempt to fight rebels close to a fief that can resupply them so they can restore lost units. Players can turn on forced march to get to rebels quicker.
  • Not all rebels are marked. Players should prioritized marked enemies to quickly win the battle.