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Polearm is a unit type in unit type in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Polearm units wield two-handed weapons consisting of a bladed component connected to a shaft. Broadly, polearm units fall into one of two archetypes: either they are bracing units which focus on holding back the enemy by lowering their polearms and bracing, or they are assault infantry which can attack into the enemy and deal heavy damage. Some polearms can fill both archetypes, such as Modao Battalion and Imperial Pike Guards. In particular the former kind of polearm units are usually the best line of defence against cavalry. Polearm units are generally weak against heavily shielded melee infantry, owing to generally poor block break, and ranged units, owing to their total lack of shields.

Unit Orders[ | ]

The majority of polearm units possess a brace-type unit order. In a brace-type unit order,

  • Units will deal additional instances of damage separate from their normal attack animations. These instances of damage scale off of the movement speed of enemies.
    • The actual damage versus movement speed scaling depends on the unit in question. Camel Lancers, while not a polearm unit, also have a brace-type unit order, of which notably this 'impact damage' is extremely high.
  • Units are affected by the various kinds of doctrines that only take effect while bracing.

Brace-type unit orders, depending on the unit, are either activated manually (e.g. Modao Battalion) or can be activated automatically by having the unit stand in certain formations (e.g. Halberdiers)

Units[ | ]

The following units are classed as polearm units:

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