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Perceval's Royal Guards are a heroic era javelin melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

Perceval (or Peredur -- 'Steel Spear' in the language of his land) was brough to Camelot as a young lad, and grew up to accept it as his home. Having proven his courage and thus raised to the Round Table, he was given responsibility for the safety of the castle, and thus control of the Royal Guard. Whenever an enemy comes in range, javelins will rain down upon them, defeating the enemy in a torrent of death. The Royal Guard are as loyal as wolves on a winter night, and as fearless as eagles in summer.

Acquisition[ | ]

Perceval's Royal Guards can be unlocked via the Season XVIII: Avalon seasonal challenges. As the season's heroic era unit, Perceval's Royal Guards require the Caradoc's Cavalry to be unlocked (i.e. stage 2 of the Caradoc's Cavalry seasonal challenges completed) before progress can be made on their seasonal challenges.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Soldier of Avalon] For the duration of Season XVIII: Avalon, this unit's Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points.
▲ [Heavy Shield & Javelin] These soldiers wield both large shields and javelins, and are capable of dealing with threats both near and far.
▲ [Charged Throw] After charging up, javelins deal extra damage.
▲ [Staunch Defenders] This unit is excellent in defence, making it ideal for blocking an enemy advance. Damage taken is also reduced.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
The unit forms a spread-out square formation to lessen the impact of ranged attacks.
Shield Wall
The shield wall is a tightly packed formation intended to defend in one direction.
The unit forms a ring to defend anything in the centre.

Unit Orders[ | ]

Throw Javelin

Cooldown: 10s


Each soldier in the unit throws a javelin at the nearest enemy.

Charge & Throw

Cooldown: 15s


After charging up, each soldier hurls a javelin at the designated location, dealing heavy damage.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Perceval's Royal Guards do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

Doctrines[ | ]

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

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