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Modao Battalion are a golden era polearm melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

The Modao Battalions are one of the most distinguished military formations in Longting. They form the core of the Hao Jing Imperial Guard. Their equipment is top-notch and their training rigorous, as they serve the important task of guarding the city. The army they formerly belonged to was founded by the second Qian Emperor, which followed the emperor on expeditions sometimes lasting decades, for the duration of which it went undefeated.
Nowadays, the power of these forces is in decline, though still revered. The soldiers selected for the Modao Battalion are all skilled warriors, with strong physiques and a deep reserve of loyalty and dedication to their duty. They wield the great bladed 'modao' with great skill, reputedly able to cut a cavalryman and his horse in two with a single strike.

Acquisition[ | ]

Modao Battalion can be unlocked via the Season VIII: Dynasty seasonal challenges. As the season's golden era unit, Modao Battalion require the Greyhair Garrison to be unlocked (i.e. 3rd stage of the Greyhair Garrison seasonal challenges completed) before progress can be made on their seasonal challenges.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Wall of Blades] Unit attacks can stop enemy cavalry for 1 second and also inflict 60% Slow against them.
▲ [Immoveable] The Modao Battalions have strict discipline and will not fall into disarray. When normally sent flying by enemies, this unit will simply be knocked back instead. While under the Immoveable effect, melee damage taken from cavalry is reduced by 60% and converted to stable bleed damage.
▲ [Fire-Resistant] This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
Three Ranks
The unit forms three ranks, greatly improving their ability to deal with focused attacks.
Trapezoid Formation
The unit forms a tight formation, greatly improving their ability to deal with oncoming attacks.

Unit Orders[ | ]

Modao Defence

Cooldown: 4s


Modao Battalion immediately enters the battle formation, fully resisting cavalry, reducing infantry damage taken by 22%, cavalry damage taken by 65%, and hero cavalry damage taken by 20%. After a successful attack, increase 100 points of all types of defense value, stackable up to 15 times.

Modao March

Cooldown: 4s


The unit launches a forward attack, dazing nearby enemies and knocking them back, while stabbing enemies that are farther away. If unable to attack enemies, the unit's movement speed will increase for a short period as they move toward the enemy. Increases all types of defence by 100 points when attack lands. This effect can stack up to 15 times.


Cooldown: 45s


The unit holds their blades in front of them and sprints in the designated direction. Upon encountering an enemy, they slash as hard as they can.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Modao Battalion do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

Doctrines[ | ]

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

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