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Mercenaries are a category of units unlockable using silver or sovereigns.

Overview[ | ]

Acquisition[ | ]

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A view of the Mercenaries tab.

Once a player reaches level 25, they can view various mercenary units available for hire via the 'Mercenaries' tab in the warband menu (default key U). Each mercenary unit costs either sovereigns or silver; only one of these costs needs to be paid to unlock a mercenary unit. Once a mercenary unit is unlocked, it is permanently added to the player's barracks. A new barracks slot will be added to accommodate an unlocked mercenary unit, similarly to when a seasonal unit is unlocked.

Unlike all other units, only up to one of each mercenary unit can be active in the player's barracks. Additionally, mercenary units cannot be disbanded.

Characteristics[ | ]

Exemplar rewards

An example of the rewards given by the Exemplar trait.

All mercenaries possess the ▲ [Exemplar] and ▲ [Own Supply Line] traits, which grant +10% Unit XP/Hero XP/Honour and causes the unit to not have any kit (and thus will never require any kit resupply or suffer any adverse effects from lack of kit) respectively. ▲ [Exemplar] takes effect when a mercenary unit is brought into battle. The mercenary unit does not need to be deployed during battle in order for the bonus to take effect; it only needs to be present in the warband. The bonus rewards given by ▲ [Exemplar] are calculated on the base rewards awarded at the end of the battle.

Mercenaries have a higher maximum level than usual for their era; Martellatori have a maximum level of 13 while all other mercenaries have a maximum level of 20. All mercenaries additionally immediately start at maximum level with all nodes in their veterancy tree unlocked when hired. The veterancy trees of mercenary units cannot be reset using the Scroll of Renewal.

Every mercenary unit still possesses 5 initially empty doctrine slots, and players can still equip their mercenary units with doctrines exactly like all other units.

Mercenary Units[ | ]

The following units are mercenaries:

Unit Cost (Silver) Cost (Sovereigns)
Martellatori 700,000 4,900
🟩 Black Dragon Archers 250,000 1,500
🟦 Black Dragon Javelineers 400,000 2,900
🟦 Black Dragon Pikemen 700,000 4,900
🟦 Black Dragon Spearmen 700,000 4,900
🟦 Naginata Monks 2,000,000 3,280
🟦 Sea Stag Deathdealers 400,000 2,900

Tips[ | ]

  • It is generally agreed that of all the mercenaries, Martellatori are the most useful as they are the only mercenary unit that fills a niche (low-cost unit for pushing siege engines) better than any other unit in the game. In contrast, other mercenaries tend to be outshined by their non-mercenary counterparts, albeit at a higher leadership cost.
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