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Maul class
Intimidating, bold, and fearless. Powerful skills inflict blunt damage, but they also consume stamina.
~ In-game Description for the Maul

Maul is a weapon class in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Acquisition[ | ]

The maul can be unlocked via the Season III: Soldiers of Fortune seasonal challenges. There are no prerequisites for beginning the seasonal challenges for the maul, but like all seasonal challenges, progress for the maul seasonal challenges can only be made while its season is selected. Once unlocked, maul weapon skills can be used simply by equipping any maul, but like all classes only 4 skills including up to 1 paragon (yellow-coloured) skill can be used at a time, customizable through the skills page under the character profile (default key P).

Mauls are classed for heavy armour. This means that maul users can wear any mix of light, medium, and heavy armour and still be allowed to use a maul. However, it is recommended for players to use the heaviest armour they can equip for the additional defenses.

Class Skills[ | ]

Bonebreaker[ | ]

Earthsplitter[ | ]

Maelstrom[ | ]

Mighty Mjölnir[ | ]

Mountain Breaker[ | ]

Up From Hel[ | ]

Forge of War[ | ]

Strike and Grapple[ | ]

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Skill Selection[ | ]

Gameplay[ | ]

Playing Against Maul[ | ]