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Lancer is a unit type in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Lancer units (also referred to as Lancer Cavalry) are cavalry that primarily deal damage using lances, which are long spears that extend past the heads of their horses. All lancer units sport an extremely devastating charge unit order that can cut down swathes of enemy troops. However, it must be noted that their charge can be stopped by braced polearm units and also by the ranged attacks of gunners, crossbowmen, and javelineers. Additionally, lancer units are generally relatively weak when not charging, and so care must be taken to utilize their charge effectively.

Unit Orders[ | ]

All lancer units have a lancer charge-type unit order. This unit order has the following characteristics:

  • The charge is directed. The lancer unit will charge in a straight line to the designated location.
  • Lancer units must accelerate to a certain velocity in the direction they are ordered to charge in before they actually begin charging. Before that their behaviour is no different from normal movement.
    • Lancer units will lower their lances and point them forwards to signify that they are charging.
  • Individual soldiers will stop their charge if any control effects that are not daze are inflicted on them. Lancer units will be stunned by brace damage from polearms as well as the projectiles from firearms and crossbows while charging.
    • Winged Hussars and Cataphract Lancers will ignore the stun effects from bracing and ranged attacks respectively, provided the requisite veterancy nodes are chosen.
  • Lancer units that run into a wall while charging will take a small amount of bleed damage and be briefly stunned.
  • Can be augmented by a variety of doctrines that specifically affect lancer charge type unit orders.
  • The charge will send units flying, but does not inflict control effects on heroes.

Some lancer charge unit orders, such as the Dagger-Axe Lancers' Cover Commander unit order, have exceptions to the above. Refer to the specific unit pages for more details.

Units[ | ]

The following units are classed as Lancer units:

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