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Iron Reapers are a Golden era special melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

With firearms becoming ever more common on the battlefield, many soldiers began discarding most of their armor, reasoning that agility and mobility and concealment are more important now. The Iron Reapers however chose the opposite: Every soldier is clad in almost impenetrable black iron, armed with a razor-edged sabre and a fearsome great iron flail. They are well-suited to assaulting castles where their armour allows them to stand up to bullets and arrows alike, drawing fire away from their less sturdy comrades.

Acquisition[ | ]

Iron Reapers are obtained from the Melee Infantry honor tree, requiring Imperial Pike Guards, Palace Guards, Prefecture Pikemen, and Pike Militia as prerequisite unlocks, as well as the nodes Brace for Impact, Regular Drill, Elements of Swordplay, Shortsword Training, Regular Drill, and Harsh Regimen. Iron Reapers themselves cost 25000 honor to unlock. This cost can be defrayed using up to 20x Iron Reaper's Signaculum.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Dual Wielders] This unit has two different weapons. All two-handed sword attacks deal 10% bonus damage to infantry, while flail attacks deal 30% bonus damage to shield units.
▲ [Bashers] This unit inflicts blunt damage.
▲ [Very Heavy Armour] Immune to Dazed while attacking. Has an initial damage reduction to all types of damage of 60%. Each hit taken reduces the damage reduction by 2.5%, down to 18%, using [Shock] and [Tiger's Guile] will reset the defense effect of [Very Heavy Armor].
▲ [Insulated] This unit is difficult to set on fire, and takes less damage from fire when ablaze.
▼ [Sluggish] This unit takes time to change direction and build up to full speed.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
A loose formation that reduces unit vulnerability to ranged weapons.
The unit stands in two ranks, making it superior at making frontal attacks.
A narrow formation effective for charging enemies or breaking through their battle lines.

Attacks[ | ]

Unit Orders[ | ]


Base Cooldown: 45s


The unit rushes to the marked spot and deals 300% damage to the first enemy it encounters. Charging with the flail will penetrate armour and will greatly reduce the defence and armour piercing values of hit enemies.

Tiger Step

Base Cooldown: 40s \ Duration: 12s


After attacking, the Iron Reapers will adjust their position and launch another normal attack.

For 12 seconds after using this skill, the Iron Reapers will have a chance to initiate a short charge against the enemy upon using a normal attack, knocking back the enemy.


Base Cooldown: 60s


Restores 250 health per second for 15 seconds.

Switch Weapons

Base Cooldown: 3s


No description.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Iron Reapers do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

There are no honor tree nodes that only affect Iron Reapers.

Doctrines[ | ]

There are no doctrines that are only usable by Iron Reapers.

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

  • Iron Reapers are the premier melee infantry counter to Tower & Buckler shield units. Their flail attacks will immediately block break any shielded unit, and they are immune to control effects while wielding swords during Tiger Step.
  • Despite their extremely high defensive stats (the highest amongst all units overall), Iron Reapers are still vulnerable in many situations:
    • Iron Reapers are vulnerable to cavalry as they are slow and have no capability of bracing.
    • High-damage ranged troops such as firearm and javelin units can quickly pile on damage and kill Iron Reapers, especially since Iron Reapers lack any form of block and are slow to close the distance.
    • Melee infantry specializing in dealing high damage such as Onna-Musha and Zweihanders tend to do well into Iron Reapers, as Iron Reapers lack the burst damage, shields, or control effects that usually counter these types of troops.
  • Optimally, Iron Reapers should always activate their Shock unit order while using their flails, as flails will always deal more damage than swords in this case.
  • The Epic Combat Doctrine is extremely effective on Iron Reapers, as they attack fairly quickly and can take full advantage of all the bonuses given.
  • Although military flails are commonly depicted in fantasy and historical fiction, real historical information about such weapons is scarce, suggesting that military flails were rare at best and never saw widespread use in the real world.

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