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Honour is a currency in Conqueror's Blade used to unlock units and unit upgrades in the Unit Tree, as well as certain items from the Honour store.

Acquisition[ | ]

Honour can be obtained from various sources, including:

  • Matched battles, up to a maximum of 20,000 per week
  • Fief quests
  • Daily quests
  • Cadet's Trials quests (for new players only)
  • Drillmaster's Rewards
  • Path to War challenges
  • Daily login rewards

Usage[ | ]

Unit Tree[ | ]

A large number of units and their upgrades can be unlocked via the Unit Tree, accessible via the warband tab (default hotkey U).

For more information, see the Unit Tree page.

Honour Store[ | ]

Any player that reaches level 100 can access the honour store, accessible via the Unit Tree page. Here, players can purchase a number of different items for honour.

Item Max Quantity Purchasable Honour Per Item Refreshes Weekly
Mace Sergeants Contract 1 10,000 No
Mace Sergeants' Protection Doctrine 1 5,000 No
Rare Scroll of Mastery 1 2,000 Yes
Rare Scroll of Mastery 4 3,000 Yes
Rare Scroll of Mastery: Mace Power 20 1000 No
Token for Matchlock Ashigaru 1 20,000 No
Uncommon Scroll of Mastery 5 300 Yes
Uncommon Scroll of Mastery 10 450 Yes
Uncommon Scroll of Mastery 150 200 No
Uncommon Scroll of Mastery 200 250 No
Uncommon Scroll of Mastery: Mace Power 120 200 No
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