Conqueror's Blade Wiki

Heroes are characters directly controlled by players in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Each player controls a single hero, which serves as the player's avatar. Heroes are present in all parts of Conqueror's Blade, and in most gamemodes are accompanied by a warband of units which can be commanded by the player. Heroes can contribute directly to battles using their own attacks and abilities. A hero's combat capabilities are customizable and upgradable via their attributes, weapons, and armour, and their appearance is customizable by a wide variety of attire and other options.

Controls[ | ]

Commands[ | ]

Note that some commands may have a different effect depending on the weapon that is chosen.

Command Default Hotkey Description Notes
Movement W/A/S/D Moves forwards/left/right/backwards, respectively. Can press two of these keys at once to move diagonally.
  • Movement in any backwards direction (i.e. any movement using S) is somewhat slower than any other movement.
Jump Space Makes the hero jump.
Sprint Left Shift Causes the hero to sprint while moving.
  • Consumes stamina.
  • Can only be used if the hero is moving directly forwards (i.e. only W is pressed).
  • Can exchange the keybind for this command with that of the Roll command in settings.
Roll Double-tap W/A/S/D Rolls in the specified direction.
  • Consumes stamina.
  • The animation for this control may differ depending on the chosen weapon type. Additionally a player using a Maul will daze enemies hit by their roll.
  • Can be used while attacking or using skills to interrupt them.
  • Can exchange the keybind for this command with that of the Sprint command in settings.
Attack Left Click Causes the hero to execute their normal attack.
  • The animation and mechanics of this command are different across weapon types.
  • Will execute a different sprinting attack if used while sprinting. The sprinting attack consumes stamina.
Secondary Action Right Click Causes the hero to execute their secondary action.
  • Heroes using a melee weapon will block. Heroes using a ranged weapon will execute a melee attack.
Skill 1 Q Uses the 1st weapon skill equipped by the hero.
Skill 2 E Uses the 2nd weapon skill equipped by the hero.
Skill 3 R Uses the 3rd weapon skill equipped by the hero.
Skill 4 T Uses the 4th weapon skill equipped by the hero.
Skill 5 (Bandage) H Uses the Bandage ability.
  • Although this command shows up as 'Skill 5' in the keybind settings, unlike the other 4 skills the effect of this command is not customizable and will always be the Bandage ability.
Use Item G Opens the menu to use trebuchets or artillery.
Summon/Dismiss Mount B Causes the hero to get on/off their currently equipped mount.
  • Has a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  • Cannot be used if the currently equipped mount is dead.
  • Can be used in any location, so long as the hero is not rolling, attacking, using an ability, inflicted with a control effect, or not on the ground. The hero will undergo a short animation where they call for their horse before the horse appears.
Interaction F Used to interact with various objects such as Siege Ladders and Supply Points.
Zoom In/Zoom Out Mouse Wheel Up/Mouse Wheel Down Zooms in/out the 3rd person perspective of the hero.
  • Note that equipping ranged weapons (i.e. the Musket, the Bow, or the Short Bow) will lock the zoom level, causing this control to have no effect.
Zoom In/Zoom Out Minimap =/- Zooms in/out the minimap display.
Scores/Map Tab Brings up the player scoreboard and map if used during battle, the map of the current fief with NPC pins if used inside a fief, and the open world map if used in the open world.
Eagle Eye Z Goes into Eagle Eye mode.
  • Only usable during battle.
Action Wheel Middle Click Opens the menu for usage of pre-made public messages or cosmetic actions.

Attributes[ | ]

Heroes have attribute points which can be invested to increase various damage and defensive stats. The various attributes are as follows:

Attribute In-Game Description
Strength Each point of Strength increases your hero's piercing armour penetration, slashing damage and blunt damage by 6 points.
Agility Each point of Agility increases your hero's piercing damage, slashing armour penetration and blunt armour penetration by 6 points.
Armour Each point of Armour increases your hero's protection against piercing, slashing, and blunt armour penetration by 3 points.
Toughness Each point of Toughness increases your hero's maximum health by 100.

All heroes start with 17 points in each attribute, which cannot be changed. At level 35, a hero will gain 35 allocable attribute points, as well as a single allocable attribute point per subsequent level up to a maximum of 72 total allocable attribute points at level 72. Allocable attribute points can be assigned to any attribute with no restriction. Once assigned, all allocated attribute points can be refunded for free (to be reassigned) at most once between weekly resets. Further attribute point resets require a Scroll of Renewal.

Attributes can also be increased by equipping certain runes.

Equipment[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

Heroes can equip different weapons which offer a variety of skills and playstyles. For more information see the weapons page.

Armour[ | ]

Heroes can equip different armour sets for defensive stats and (in some cases) a variety of set bonuses, subject to restrictions from the equipped weapon. For more information see the armour page.

Mounts[ | ]

Heroes can take a variety of mounts. Riding on a mount grants increased speed and allows access to some mount-exclusive skills depending on the equipped weapon. For more details see the mounts page.

Levels[ | ]

Heroes can gain Hero XP (separate from Unit XP) and level up, unlocking various features by doing so. Hero XP is gained via participating in most battle modes, as well as by using certain consumables which grant hero XP. The following features are unlocked at certain level thresholds:

Feature Level
Daily & Weekly Quests 15
Weapon Skills 15
Activities Menu 21
Attire Chests 21
The Store 21
Events 25
Open World Access 25
PvE Gamemodes 25
Seasonal Interface 25
Mercenaries 25
House/Cohort 30
Unit Mastery 30
Hero Equipment, Saddlery, Unit Kit, & Resource Crafting 35
Doctrine Excavation 40
Runes 50
Artificer's Forge 60
Fame Store & Donations 60
Doctrinal Alchemy 70
Honour Store 100
Most Unit Tree Upgrades 100
Player Market 100
Ranked Battles 100
Technology 100
Battle Hardened Avatar 1000

Heroes at or below level 500 receive the Beginner's Bonus effect which grants +15% Hero XP and +15% bronze gain on battles, +50% to the weekly honour limit, as well as a bonus to Unit XP for battles depending on the hero level:

Level Unit XP Bonus
1-100 100%
101-200 80%
201-300 60%
301-400 40%
401-500 20%

Additionally, every hero level up grants 1000 glory and a single level towards the hero's seasonal level.

Cosmetics[ | ]

Attire[ | ]

Heroes can equip various outfits called attire which present cosmetic changes. Attire is generally unlocked via certain limited events, opening attire chests using silver and golden keys, the seasonal store, the fame store, and via rewards in the battle pass.

Emotes[ | ]

Heroes can obtain and equip various emotes, which can be used via the middle mouse wheel.