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The Grapeshot Cannon is an artillery piece.

Overview[ | ]

The Grapeshot Cannon is a low ranged artillery piece which fires a large shotgun blast of low damage pellets. The pellets are numerous and travel instantly but have poor block break and will not deal damage to enemies above a short distance away. The Grapeshot Cannon is availabe in uncommon, rare, and epic variants; higher tier variants boast more ammo and shoot more pellets which deal more damage and have a tighter spread.

Stats[ | ]

Icon Name Rarity Rounds Shots Per Round Damage Per Shot Armour Penetration Hit Points Reload Time Dispersal
Green Grapeshot Cannon Grapeshot Cannon Uncommon 8 80 800 2300 5500 7s Highest
Blue Grapeshot Cannon Well-Made Grapeshot Cannon Rare 12 100 1000 2300 6000 8s High
Purple Grapeshot Cannon Optimal Grapeshot Cannon Epic 14 120 1200 2800 6500 8s Medium

Acquisition[ | ]

The uncommon, rare, and epic variants of the Grapeshot Cannon can be possibly obtained from the Random Uncommon Artillery Chest, the Random Rare Artillery Chest, and the Random Epic Artillery Chest respectively, as well as the Uncommon Artillery Selection Box, the Rare Artillery Selection Box, and the Epic Artillery Selection Box respectively. The uncommon variant of the Grapeshot Cannon may also be purchased at the Siege Engineer for 3200 silver.

All variants of the Grapeshot Cannon can also be crafted, with costs and requirements as follows:

Icon Name Rarity Materials Silver Fief Level
Green Grapeshot Cannon Grapeshot Cannon Uncommon 200x Raw Iron
50x Seasoned Wood
50x Coarse Copper
50x Rough Stone
250 1
Blue Grapeshot Cannon Well-Made Grapeshot Cannon Rare 100x Cast Iron
50x Planed Wood
50x Improved Copper
50x Cut Stone
500 5
Purple Grapeshot Cannon Optimal Grapeshot Cannon Epic 200x Cast Iron
100x Planed Wood
100x Improved Copper
100x Cut Stone
1000 7

As with all non event-limited artillery pieces, the Grapeshot Cannon can be bought and sold on the market.

Tips[ | ]

  • The Grapeshot Cannon is most commonly used to kill enemy heroes at close range. This is commonly done by placing it behind a corner at an important chokepoint and then shooting at enemies which round the corner. Due to the lack of splash damage and weak block break it has lower performance against units.
  • On some maps, there exist vantage points where the Grapeshot Cannon can be deployed above where the fighting usually takes place. These include the wall behind C point on Wall Fort and the inner wall surrounding the final point on Kurak Castle Redux. These locations make Grapeshot Cannons much more effective by positioning the artillery piece out of enemy reach, exposing more than the front line of the enemy force, and ensuring almost all hits are headshots.

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