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A Doctrine is an enhancement for a single unit. As it levels up a unit can add more Doctrines, ameliorating weaknesses or enhancing strengths.
~ In-game Description of Doctrines

Doctrines are special items that can be given to units to grant various beneficial effects.

Mechanics[ | ]

Equipping Doctrines[ | ]

All units (excepting those obtained via temporary contract) can equip up to 5 doctrines depending on their unit level. All units at level 1 will have room for 1 doctrine slot, and will unlock their 2nd/3rd/4th/5th doctrine slots at levels 3/5/7/10 respectively. A unit's doctrine page can be accessed via their entry in the barracks in the warband tab (default hotkey U). In the doctrine page, all of the doctrines owned by the player that can be equipped by that unit are grouped into their respective families and displayed. Any doctrine that cannot be equipped on a unit will not show up on that unit's doctrine page.

Before a unit can equip a doctrine, it must be activated. An inactive doctrine can be activated by holding down left-click on its icon. Only a single doctrine from any given family can be active at a time; activating a doctrine in the same family as an already activated doctrine will overwrite (and hence permanently delete) the already activated doctrine. The icons of inactive doctrines will be faded out.

Any doctrine activated on a unit's doctrine page can only be equipped by that unit, and will not be available for salvage or for Doctrine Alchemy. Units can only equip doctrines activated for them, but doctrines can be activated for a unit without being equipped. A doctrine that is activated but not equipped does not confer any effects to that unit. Any activated doctrine can be deactivated and returned to the player's inventory by using Lotus Water. There is no other way to deactivate a doctrine without permanently deleting it, excepting limited time free doctrine removal events where the Lotus Water cost is waived for a small period of time (generally lasting only a weekend).

Restrictions[ | ]

There are many restrictions on equipping doctrines that make it so that many pairs of doctrines cannot be equipped on a single unit at the same time.

Doctrine Families[ | ]

Doctrines are categorized into 'families', which are groupings of different doctrines that broadly confer the same effects. For example, the Breakthrough and Unit Damage I/II/III/IV/V doctrines are considered to be in the same family. Each family is represented by a single icon of the highest rarity doctrine in the player's inventory (or by a grey dot if the player does not possess a doctrine in that family) on a unit's doctrine page. Only a single doctrine of any given family can be activated and equipped at a time.

Other Restrictions[ | ]

There are other doctrine restrictions handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, Stamina and Assault doctrines cannot be equipped together. See the specific doctrine pages for more details.

Acquisition[ | ]

There are several ways to obtain doctrines, which are listed below.

Excavation[ | ]

Excavation is the most common way to acquire new doctrines, in which treatises are used to randomly roll doctrines from several different pools. See the related page for more details.

Doctrine Alchemy[ | ]

Doctrine Alchemy is a commonly used process by which doctrines can be sacrificed to randomly obtain new doctrines from an exclusive pool. See the related page for more details.

Season Challenges[ | ]

The season challenges for seasonal units will give unit-exclusive doctrines as a reward. See the related unit pages as well as the seasons page for more details.

Boxes[ | ]

There are several different types of boxes from which doctrines can be obtained, some of which are also available in excavation and season challenges, and others of which are exclusive. These include:

  • Blessing of the Court
  • Ecletic Doctrine Selection (obtained via using a Doctrine Spirit)
  • Epic Doctrine Selection
  • Rare Doctrine Selection Box
  • Seasonal Epic Doctrine Selection
  • Seasonal Rare Doctrine Selection
  • Seasonal Doctrine Selection Box
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