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Doctrine Alchemy is a process in which players can sacrifice doctrines and/or wisdoms to randomly obtain exclusive rare and epic doctrines and/or wisdoms.

Overview[ | ]

Upon reaching level 70, players unlock Doctrine Alchemy. Here, players can sacrifice doctrines and wisdoms in batches of 8 to produce Doctrine Alchemy-exclusive doctrines as well as more wisdoms. Doctrines produced by Doctrine Alchemy are almost universally stronger than their non-alchemy counterparts, and there are also a few doctrines which confer special effects to certain units that cannot be found anywhere else. However, Doctrine Alchemy is heavily dependent on chance, which for the most part cannot be mitigated. Doctrine Alchemy is the preferred method to recycle unwanted doctrines as well as the intended use for wisdoms.

Mechanics[ | ]

Basic Usage[ | ]

In the Doctrine Alchemy interface, players can right-click any doctrine or wisdom from their doctrines inventory to place them into one of the 8 Doctrine Alchemy slots. All 8 slots must be filled before the process of Doctrine Alchemy can take place (players cannot use more than 8 items in a single occurrence of Doctrine Alchemy). Once all doctrines or wisdoms are emplaced, players can sacrifice every chosen doctrine or wisdom to obtain a random single doctrine or wisdom. Once the process is initiated, all sacrificed doctrines or wisdoms are permanently and irrecoverably lost.

The result of the sacrifice is influenced by the combined temper values of the sacrificed items. Every doctrine and wisdom has a temper value associated with it, and the temper value of the sacrifice is the sum of the temper values of all sacrificed doctrines and wisdoms. The temper value of a doctrine or wisdom is solely based on its rarity, and the temper values are as follows:

Item Temper Value
Common Doctrine 2
Uncommon Doctrine or Uncommon Wisdom 5
Rare Doctrine or Rare Wisdom 10
Epic Doctrine or Epic Wisdom 50

Note that an epic doctrine's tier does not influence its temper value. The temper value of any epic doctrine will always be 50.

The result from Doctrine Alchemy will always be either a rare or epic Doctrine Alchemy exclusive doctrine or a rare or epic wisdom. Epic doctrines from Doctrine Alchemy all have tiers, ranging from 1 to 5, visible as a roman numeral in their name (e.g. Toughness Doctrine V). The chances of each tier (or obtaining a rare doctrine/a wisdom) are displayed at the bottom of the Doctrine Alchemy interface. Other than the tier, there is no way to influence the doctrine received. For example, a player can influence their chances of receiving a tier 3 doctrine, but if they do receive a tier 3 doctrine then they have no control over the random choice of doctrine chosen from the pool of available tier 3 doctrines.

Note also that the in-game chances display is somewhat misleading. Refer below to the results probabilities section for more details.

Tempering Bar[ | ]

The Tempering Bar is a meter present in the Doctrine Alchemy interface that fills up whenever a sacrifice is made. The Tempering Bar starts at 0 and has a limit of 5,000. When a sacrifice is made, the Tempering Bar increases by the sacrifice's temper value. When a sacrifice that increases the Tempering Bar to 5,000 or above is made, 5,000 is deducted from the Tempering Bar (after adding the temper value from the sacrifice) and the result of the sacrifice is replaced by a random tier 5 epic doctrine.

Pure Wisdom[ | ]

Players can also consume a Pure Wisdom (if they have at least one) to triple the temper value of their next sacrifice. This is done by checking 'Use a Pure Wisdom' at the bottom center of the Doctrine Alchemy interface.

Results Probabilities[ | ]

The following are the percentage chances of obtaining each possible item for various temper values:

Temper Value Rare Doctrine Rare Wisdom Epic Wisdom 2x Epic Wisdom Tier 1 Epic Doctrine Tier 2 Epic Doctrine Tier 3 Epic Doctrine Tier 4 Epic Doctrine Tier 5 Epic Doctrine
16-39 48% 37% 13% - 2% - - - -
40-59 38% - 50% - 7% 5% - - -
60-99 - - 75% - 15% 1% - - -
100-149 - - - 60% 20% 15% 5% - -
150-199 - - - - 50% 35% 15% - -
200-299 - - - - - 60% 30% 10% -
300-399 - - - - - - 70% 25% 5%
400-1199 - - - - - - 30% 55% 15%
1200 - - - - - - - 50% 50%

Tips[ | ]

  • Players should always use a low temper value combination to reach over the 5,000 tempering bar threshold, since the outcome is guaranteed to be a tier 5 epic doctrine. This is to avoid wasting more valuable materials to achieve the same result.
  • Due to the relative rarity of Pure Wisdom, players should only use Pure Wisdom when sacrificing 8 Epic Wisdom or epic doctrines.
  • Note that the 'Use a Pure Wisdom' option will remain checked until either the player manually unchecks the option themselves or exits the War Scholar menu. This means that the option will remain checked even after a sacrifice. Players should be careful to not accidentally use an extra Pure Wisdom by forgetting to uncheck the option on successive sacrifices.
  • For those who are performing Doctrine Alchemy many times and wish to skip the animation that accompanies each sacrifice, players can hit the Escape key while the animation is ongoing to skip it. The tempering bar will update immediately, but players may sometimes have to close and reopen the menu to see the resultant doctrine or wisdom in their inventory.