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The Culverin is an artillery piece.

Overview[ | ]

The Culverin is a fairly long ranged artillery piece which has good effectiveness against units, artillery, and siege engines. Unlike what the in-game description suggests, the Culverin has good effectiveness against enemy artillery pieces due to its relatively high accuracy and ability to destroy most artillery pieces in a single shot, and also deals significant damage against destructible walls, gates, and siege engines. Culverins are commonly sighted in matched siege battles and are easy to obtain. Higher rarities of the culverin boast more damage and the ability to hit more enemies with a single shot.

Stats[ | ]

Icon Name Rarity Rounds Damage Per Shot Multihit Hit Points Reload Time Accuracy
Green Culverin Culverin Uncommon 10 5500 2 6000 6s Medium
Blue Culverin Well-Made Culverin Rare 12 7500 3 7000 7s High
Purple Culverin Optimal Culverin Epic 14 9500 5 8000 7s High

Acquisition[ | ]

The uncommon, rare, and epic variants of the Culverin can be possibly obtained from the Random Uncommon Artillery Chest, the Random Rare Artillery Chest, and the Random Epic Artillery Chest respectively, as well as the Uncommon Artillery Selection Box, the Rare Artillery Selection Box, and the Epic Artillery Selection Box respectively. The uncommon variant of the Culverin may also be purchased at the Siege Engineer for 3200 silver.

All variants of the Culverin can also be crafted, with costs and requirements as follows:

Icon Name Rarity Materials Silver Fief Level
Green Culverin Culverin Uncommon 200x Coarse Copper
50x Seasoned Wood
50x Raw Iron
50x Rough Stone
250 1
Blue Culverin Well-Made Culverin Rare 100x Improved Copper
50x Planed Wood
50x Cast Iron
50x Cut Stone
500 5
Purple Culverin Optimal Culverin Epic 200x Improved Copper
100x Planed Wood
100x Cast Iron
100x Cut Stone
1000 7

As with all non event-limited artillery pieces, the Culverin can be bought and sold on the market.

Tips[ | ]

  • The Culverin is a multipurpose artillery piece used to destroy nearly anything except heroes, of which it lacks the single-target damage to do so.
  • In general the Culverin is effective at picking off small numbers of enemy units over time, although there are better options for dedicated unit destruction.
  • It's advised to aim for headshots when using the Culverin on enemy units. This increases the likelihood of killing soldiers in a single hit.
  • Culverins are a cheap option to destroy enemy Siege Towers, although some assistance is required as a single Culverin alone is not enough to stop Siege Towers before they reach the wall in most cases.

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