Conqueror's Blade Wiki

Crafting is the process by which raw materials and items can be converted into Armour, Weapons, Saddlery, Artillery, and Unit Kit.

Hero Equipment[ | ]

Weapons, armour, and saddlery (collectively referred to as Hero Equipment) can be crafted by speaking to the Smith. Weapons and armour crafting is accessed via the 'Create Weapons & Armour' option, while saddlery crafting is accessed via the 'Saddlery' option. Once in the crafting menu, provided they have the necessary components, players need only to choose the item they wish to craft, click 'Craft', and wait 3 seconds for the crafting process to complete and for the item to be received to the player's inventory. If the player's inventory is full, the crafted item will be sent to the player's mailbox instead, where it will expire after 30 days.

Recipe Components[ | ]

All crafting recipes require materials and some crafting recipes require schematics to craft, which are permanently consumed upon use.

The following materials are used for hero equipment crafting:

Icon Name Usage
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot All recipes
Roll of Leather Roll of Leather All recipes
Rivets Rivets Some uncommon equipment recipes
Powdered Silver Powdered Silver All rare equipment recipes
Gold Dust Gold Dust All epic equipment recipes

Additionally, recipes require up to a single schematic of a certain type as an additional consumed item. The following schematics exist and are used for hero equipment crafting:

Icon Name Usage
Uncommon Weapon Schematic Uncommon Weapon Schematic Currently no usage
Uncommon Armour Schematic Uncommon Armour Schematic Some uncommon armour recipes
Rare Weapon Schematic Rare Weapon Schematic All rare weapon recipes
Rare Armour Schematic Rare Armour Schematic All rare armour recipes
Rare Barding Schematic Rare Barding Schematic All rare saddlery recipes
Epic Barding Schematic Epic Barding Schematic All epic saddlery recipes
Black Sun Anchorite Set Schematic Black Sun Anchorite's Armour, Yamakiri
Captain's Set Schematic Captain's Armour, Shenxing
Desert Warrior Set Schematic Desert Warrior Armour, Wild Swan
Fearless Paladin Set Schematic Fearless Paladin Armour, Great Halberd
Frostcloud Set Schematic Frostcloud Armour, Dragon Claw
Hammer of the Gods Set Schematic Hammer of the Gods Armour, Mjölnir Maul
Imperial Knight Set Schematic Imperial Knight's Armour, Archangel
Musketeer's Set Schematic Musketeer's Armour, Deathdealer
Officer's Set Schematic Officer's Armour, Heaven & Earth
Royal Sentry Set Schematic Royal Sentry's Armour, Eclipse
Sand Scorpion Set Schematic Sand Scorpion Armour, Woebringer
Skirmisher's Set Schematic Skirmisher's Armour, Ever-Patient

Aside from the materials, a small amount of bronze or silver (depending if the item is crafted as bound or unbound) must also be paid for the crafting process.

Bound & Unbound Equipment[ | ]

Equipment can be crafted to be bound or to be unbound, where unbound equipment may be sold on the market and bound equipment cannot. Unbound equipment can only be crafted using unbound materials and schematics, and the associated cost is instead paid with silver. In contrast, bound equipment is crafted using either bound or unbound materials, and the associated cost is paid with bronze. Bound items can be identified by the presence of a chain icon on the top right of the item in the player's inventory.

Equipment Rarity[ | ]

Many crafting recipes can have higher rarities than the 'usual' output item. For example, a crafted Bannshou can be rare, epic, or legendary in rarity. Higher rarity items have more base stats and possible bonus stats than their lower rarity equivalents. The chances of obtaining each rarity are listed when crafting, and as a pity mechanic the chances for higher rarities will steadily increase as more of an item is crafted, resetting when the highest rarity possible is crafted.

Bonus Stats[ | ]

Hero equipment gains bonus stats to various attributes upon being crafted, with the number of bonus stats dependent on the rarity of the equipment piece in question. These stats can be rerolled using the reforging system.

Artillery & Unit Kit[ | ]