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Conqueror's Blade
Conqueror's Blade
Booming Games
POROS Interactive
Release date(s)
June 4, 2019 (Open beta)
MMO real-time tactics
Single player, multiplayer

Conqueror's Blade is an upcoming free-to-play massively multiplayer action game that offers a unique clash of arms and cultures: Class-based battlefield action, squad tactics and campaign-level strategy combine across a distinctive historical realm where the iconic weapons, units and tactics of the medieval West meet those of the East for the first time.

  • Massive battles: Mount up and lead the charge to capture important strategic locations; scything through ranks of defenders with troops at your side, before ascending the ramparts from beneath a hail of arrows to claim victory for your House.
  • Invite friends to the cause: Gather your most loyal generals, grow rich with the spoils of war and develop an unassailable kingdom together!
  • Colonize new territories, form alliances and make your kingdom rich.
  • Develop a thriving local economy.
  • Mine precious resources to arm your troops.
  • Raise an army from your loyal subjects.
  • Defend your borders from attack.
  • Protect trade routes from bandits and thieves.
  • Spies seek to turn your most trusted allies.

Gameplay[ | ]

PvP[ | ]

As well as assault-style Siege battles and front line field battles, engage with hundreds of generals in Territory War, where across a vast untapped realm an epic war for resources and honour is raging. Conquer villages and towns, develop cities into shining capitals, all while keeping your citizens content and your armies equipped for battle.

PvE[ | ]

Generals can form temporary alliances to bring down a common enemy. Devise a strategy, then form up with your allies to crush the opposing forces in a series of Campaign quests. Once victory is secured, the spoils of war will be shared - until a new enemy rises to challenge the bonds of friendship.

Resource Gathering[ | ]

You can gather resources by searching the map using the 'M' key. Different quests require different types of resources. Each resource location gives only that specific resource. When leaving a settlement choose the units with the highest cumulative labor to gain the most from each gathering. Your party must be stocked on food so before leaving restock. If you are about to run out of food while traveling gather from any farm and hold the food in your inventory. You cannot gather or pursue while your party is "hungry", however a good strategy is to hold food in your wagon until needed and only using a small percent of it to be the most conservative on its consumption.

Siege[ | ]

As well as authentic weapons, mounts and armour, generals can make use of ladders and towers to assault fortifications, ballista to support attacks and control battering rams, trebuchets and catapults to breach castle walls. Thanks to the game’s physics modelling, the relentless barrage of defensive positions will result in spectacular levels of destruction, to the utter ruination of your foe.

Choose your hero[ | ]

Bow[ | ]

The bow is a powerful hunting weapon, allowing the lowest-born soldier to kill the most highborn knight. They vary wildly in design and construction materials, but they give even the most humble peasant a fighting chance.

  • Rain of Arrows: launch a volley of piercing rain
  • Flaming Arrows: light the sky with burning arrows
  • Exploding Arrows: gunpowder-tipped explosive bolts

Dual Blades[ | ]

Twice as good as a single dagger, and suitable for assassins and infiltrators.

  • Butterfly: bleed the enemy with fatal attacks
  • The Dance of Death: unleash a whirlwind of scything blades
  • Alchemical Vapours: cover your retreat with sulphurous smoke

Glaive[ | ]

The glaive (or guandao) is a polearm consisting of a heavy blade atop a heavy wooden haft. It is favoured for its considerable stopping power, particularly against lightly-armoured infantry.

  • Breaker of Shields: break through the sturdiest defence
  • Hail of Blades: cover an advance with a steadfast strike
  • Warlord's Greeting: double attack keeps enemies at bay

Spear[ | ]

The spear allows users to fight melee enemies at a relatively safe distance thanks to its long reach. It is effective against both cavalry and infantry, and a skilled warrior can take on multiple enemies at once.

  • Gungnir's Greeting: attacking is the best form of assault
  • Return of Jangar: the blunt end before business end
  • Heaven's Fury: carve a path with a flurry of blades

Longsword & Shield[ | ]

A Western-style longsword and heater shield. Dominate the melee with a combination that keeps a balance between attack and defence.

  • Sally Forth: your shield is a deadly weapon
  • Mercy of Heaven: heal to recover lost strength
  • Martial Prowess: protect and survive with precision strikes

Musket[ | ]

The musket is a heavy matchlock firearm with a smoothbore barrel. Once thought unsuitable for the knightly class, muskets (like the earlier arquebuses they are beginning to replace) command respect for their lethality.

  • Liquid Fire: deliver chaos and fear with liquid fire
  • Blackpowder Grenade: launch blackpowder grenades towards the foe
  • Close Combat: bring down attackers with a sweep of your gun

Nodachi[ | ]

The nodachi is a two-handed sword with a blade four to seven feet long. Usually made by a master swordsmith, they are prized weapons that honor their bearers.

  • Samurai’s March: two fearless attacks are better than one
  • Dragon’s Leap: time your attack for maximum effect
  • Tiger’s Claw: gain strength as your enemy falters

Poleaxe[ | ]

Poleaxes are a fearsome combination of reach, power, and mass. These are favored by heavy infantry such as halberdiers, and knights fighting on foot.

  • Bec du Corbin: sweep all before you and leave none standing
  • Lochaber Strike: the ground can be a powerful ally
  • Halberdier's Thrust: a powerful thrust forward to break the surest defense

Short Bow[ | ]

In comparison to the bow, the short bow is less cumbersome and tiring, suited to scouts and other light infantry.

  • Wrath of Artemis: aim true with five rapid-fire arrows
  • Poison Arrow: shoot that poison arrow to their heart
  • Bola: snare your enemy with a powerful bola attack

Shortsword and shield[ | ]

A single-edged, one-handed sword with a leather or wooden grip. Paired with a shield, the short sword is a favorite with infantry.

  • Kick: sometimes the boot is as powerful as the sword
  • Thunderstruck: pound the ground with your shield
  • Barricade: defense is the best form of attack

Choose your army[ | ]

Create a unique army by combining units from different eras and cultures, then take charge of your most loyal troops from the bloody eye of battle. With the simplest of commands direct ranks of cavalry, archers and foot soldiers as they engage the enemy to secure glory in your name. Army's consist of workers ie Serfs and a few others, Ranged infantry (archers,crossbows etc) Melee Infantry (think swords/spears etc.) Cavalry and The newly brought in units Chivalry Units (Squires etc). Many people have a balance, 2 or 3 ranged units, a good 1 or 2 shield wall units (spear men) a cavalry unit and a good chivalry unit (men at arms). (Aug 2019) I highly recommend buying extra slots, never delete units. 25 unit slots is a good start. You should not need more than 40 at the very very top end, i would say 30 is perfect.

Feudal Knight[ | ]

With shields held firm and swords poised, these proud warriors stand ready to turn back the tide of even the most determined enemy advance.


  • Equally skilled in attack and defense
  • Heavy armor and shields offer excellent missile protection
  • Well-suited both to storming fortresses and fighting in open battlefields


  • Shield Rush
  • Cover Me
  • Line Formation

Royal Arquebusier[ | ]

Woe betide any enemy that hopes to survive the raging thunder and deadly smoke from these musketeers.


  • Effective against heavily-armored targets
  • Can use volley fire to keep up a constant hail of bullets
  • Arquebuses can cause massive damage at medium range


  • Advance
  • Volley Fire
  • Dispersed Formation

Hawk-Eye Cvalary[ | ]

These horse-mounted archers are able darken the skies and rain down a torrents of arrows from almost anywhere on the battlefield


  • Fast mounted archers, suited to scouting and flank attacks
  • Causes extra damage to lightly-armored enemies
  • Well armored for light cavalry


  • Volley
  • Dispersed Formation

Iron Reaper[ | ]

As well-armored as they are armed, these flail-bearing warriors are a terrifying vanguard in any assault, making short work of any skirmishing unit sent to stop them.


  • Flails cause 300% bonus damage when charging into combat
  • Heavy armor
  • Flails and swords offer combat flexibility


  • Rush
  • Line Formation
  • Charge Formation

Choose your starting region[ | ]

Each region determines the types of units available.

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