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Buckler Shield is a unit type in Conqueror's Blade.

Overview[ | ]

Buckler Shield units (also known as buckler infantry) are melee infantry who wield one-handed weapons and small shields (bucklers). In general these units do well against polearm units, have varying amounts of protection against most ranged units, but are weak against cavalry. Even so, there is a wide variety of playstyles amongst buckler shield units. For example, the Ironcap Swordsmen focus on repeatedly charging the enemy while Palace Guards can use their 'Guard the Throne' unit order to assume a strong defensive posture and then rush forward and beat down the enemy.

Unit Orders[ | ]

Many buckler shield units possess a buckler charge unit order, usually named something different depending on the unit. Units using such an order share the following in common:

  • There is a short animation where unit will raise their weapons into the air and flash white before charging.
    • Soldiers will turn towards the ordered direction while in this animation, if they were not already facing that direction.
    • Individual soldiers will not undergo this animation and will instead deal their charge damage immediately if they are facing enemy units within melee range.
      • This restriction does not apply to heroes; soldiers will still undergo their windup animation if only enemy heroes are within melee range.
    • The unit will also deal damage to nearby enemies while in their windup animation.
  • Is affected by a variety of doctrines that specifically affect buckler charge orders.
  • After charging, the unit will behave as if they are under an attack command (V) until a new command or unit order is issued.

Units[ | ]

The following units are classed as buckler shield:

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