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Banner Guards are a heroic era buckler shield melee infantry unit.

In-Game Description[ | ]

Banners form the focal point of armies arrayed for battle: by flying distinctive flags, banners and standards, the largely illiterate warriors assembled can maintain unit coherency with their commanders, and benefit from the morale boost. Banner Guards are commonly veteran soldiers picked for this task by their commander, skilled not only in a variety of weapons but capable of rallying weary allies to renew their efforts, and dedicated to guarding the army banner with their very lives.

Acquisition[ | ]

Banner Guards can be unlocked via the Season XI: Paragons seasonal challenges. As the season's heroic era unit, Banner Guards require the Alchemists to be unlocked (i.e. stage 2 of the Alchemists seasonal challenges completed) before progress can be made on their seasonal challenges.

Unit Traits[ | ]

Trait In-Game Description
▲ [Cooperation] A hero can temporarily gain new abilites and a 5,000-point maximum health increase by picking up the banner. Heroes cannot ride horses or jump while carrying the banner.
▲ [Mixed Weaponry] The unit is composed of a variety of soldiers. This includes the flag- bearer who has an extra 6,000 health and 100 points to all Defence values. If the flag-bearer is killed, the unit will no longer be able to use the 'Plant the Banner' skill. The armour of all soldiers in this unit is resistant to fire damage.
▲ [Rally] Resets charge skill cooldown for all allies within range and increases their charge damage.

Formations[ | ]

Formation In-Game Description
A loose formation that reduces unit vulnerability to ranged weapons.
Soldiers form a dense schiltron formation to resist enemies from all around.
A narrow formation effective for charging under enemy fire.

Unit Orders[ | ]

Plant the Banner

Cooldown: 70s


The flag-bearer plants a banner that lasts for 15 seconds, during which time the Defence values of nearby allies will be increased by 50%. If an allied hero picks up the banner, he or she will put away their equipped weapon, but will get a unique skill set to use while they are carrying the banner.


Cooldown: 30s


- While the unit is in Dispersed formation, its Defence and Damage values will be increased by 100 points for 10 seconds.
- While the unit is in Guard formation, all Defence values will be increased by 200 points.
- While in Column formation, all Damage values will be increased by 200 points.


Cooldown: 45s


The unit charges to the designated location.

Veterancy[ | ]

Mastery[ | ]

Banner Guards do not have mastery.

Honor Tree Upgrades[ | ]

Doctrines[ | ]

Kit[ | ]

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

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