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In Conqueror's Blade, heroes can equip armour to improve their defenses. Armour, weapons, and mounts together comprise the equipment that a hero brings with them to battle.

Overview[ | ]

All heroes can equip 4 different pieces of armour: boots, gloves, a helm, and a chest piece. Each armour piece worn confers defensive stats, and possibly offensive stats and attribute points depending on the exact armour piece and whether it is reforged.

Acquisition[ | ]

Armour comes from a variety of different sources:

  • Crafting at the Smith,
  • Purchased from the Armourer for bronze (common armour only),
  • As drops from Siege Battles, Field Battles, and Free Battles (uncommon to epic armour only),
  • Bought from the Fame Store,
  • Bought and sold on the market.

Armour Stats[ | ]

All armour pieces offer a baseline amount of health, piercing defence, slashing defence, and blunt defence. Certain pieces of armour can have other baseline stats.

Crafted armour pieces and some armour pieces obtained through other means also have bonus stats; these stats apply on top of the baseline stats and are shown on armour stats tooltips with a plus sign next to their amount. Bonus stats have a wider range of possible effects than baseline stats, and can include additional leadership as well as attribute points.

Armour Classes[ | ]

All armour is classed as one of light, medium, or heavy armour. Armour classes influence the weapon types equippable by a hero; a hero cannot use a weapon classed for armour lighter than the heaviest piece of armour they are wearing. For example, if a hero is wearing a single piece of heavy armour, then they can use a glaive, which is classed for heavy armour, but not a nodachi or a dual blades, which are classed for medium and light armour respectively. On the other hand, heroes can use weapons classed for armour heavier than the heaviest piece of armour they are using.

While outside of battle, attempting to equip a weapon while using armour heavier than its class will automatically dequip the armour, while attempting to equip armour heavier than the armour class of the currently equipped weapon will automatically dequip the weapon. During battle, weapons with an armour class lighter than the heaviest piece of armour equipped will not be available during pre-game selection or at supply points.

Set Bonuses[ | ]

Every armour piece is part of a set (all pieces of armour from the same set will always be the same armour class). For example, the Carnifex's Camisole is part of the Carnifex's Armour set. Many armour sets will also confer a set bonus for wearing at least 2 pieces of armour from the same set. See the specific armour set pages for more information.

Durability & Repairs[ | ]

Example Picture of Repair Button

A hero's equipped armour in the character customization page (default key P). Note the 'repair' and 'repair all' buttons on the bottom right.

Like weapons, armour has durability. The durability of a hero's equipped armour decreases when the hero takes damage during battles. Armour can be repaired for bronze at a rate of 150 bronze per point of durability. Repairing armour in this manner will restore its durability to full but also reduce the armour's maximum durability by 1/4 of the difference between the former maximum durability and the former durability.

When an armour piece is at a low enough durability, it becomes damaged. Damaged armour loses a large portion of its stats. If the maximum durability is low enough, further repairs will not bring the armour back to an undamaged state. Certain armour pieces can be reforged which will reset its durability and maximum durability to full (as if the armour piece is freshly crafted with no repairs).

Runes[ | ]

Like weapons, each armour piece can be equipped with up to 3 runes totalling up to 5 rune power. For more details see the runes page.

Reforging[ | ]

Certain armour pieces can be reforged, which increases their stats and offers a chance to reroll their bonus stats. For more details see the reforging page.

Tips[ | ]

  • The standard armour sets that players should look to use are the Rogue's Armour, Carnifex's Armour, and Guardsman's Armour for light, medium, and heavy armour respectively. These armour sets are crafted using the Rare Armour Schematic, and are valued because they are the strongest craftable armour sets which can be reforged and are not prohibitively expensive.
  • The most important stat for armour sets by far is leadership. Players should prioritize high leadership bonus stats on their armour sets above all else.
  • Players looking to use a certain weapon class long term can look into the weapon class's corresponding epic armour set. For more details see the weapon class pages.
Hero Weapon Classes
Light Armour Chain Dart & ScimitarDual BladesBowShort Bow
Medium Armour MusketNodachiPikeSpear
Heavy Armour Longsword & ShieldMaulPoleaxeShortsword & ShieldGlaive

Light Armour Sets in Conqueror's Blade
⬛ Common NubuckScout's
🟩 Uncommon Boiled LeatherPikeman's
🟦 Rare LeafbladeRogue's
🟪 Epic Brigand'sCaptain'sDesert WarriorResplendent GlorySand ScorpionSkirmisher's

Medium Armour Sets in Conqueror's Blade
⬛ Common Recruit'sWarrior's
🟩 Uncommon Corporal'sLotus Master's
🟦 Rare Carnifex'sCourageous
🟪 Epic Black Sun Anchorite'sFrostcloudMusketeer'sPlainsman'sSentinel'sSergeant's

Heavy Armour Sets in Conqueror's Blade
⬛ Common Conscript'sHero'sNovice
🟩 Uncommon Redeemer'sScout's
🟦 Rare Buffalo LeatherGuardsman'sMilitary Advisor's
🟪 Epic Fearless PaladinHammer of the GodsHouse TrooperImperial Knight'sOfficer'sRadiant SunRoyal Sentry's